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Developing Women Leaders to Enhance Iowa Higher Education

Concurrent Sessions - 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007

10:30-11:45 am Contributed and Invited Sessions I

Leading With Your Whole Brain

Shelley Matthews-O'Connell, University of Northern Iowa
Concord A room

Learn about your personal leadership style without answering confusing questions or circling numbers on a form! In this session, you will learn how talking to others can give you essential insights into your own leadership style. You will become more aware of your own motivations and tendencies and will understand how those tendencies affect the way you communicate with clients, staff, and managers. You will come away from this session with a new leadership plan-one that lets you use your Whole Brain!

Purse to Portfolio: Getting a Plan for Financial Success

Joanne Seymour Kuster, Iowa entrepreneur and financial educator
Concord B room

Getting ahead financially can seem impossible, but millionaire status isn't out of reach for most. Attend this session to get ideas on investing, discover your own money personality, and learn fun ways to mentor others in developing that valuable lifetime skill-money management.

Women Transforming the Institution through Philanthropy: Rich Conversations

Debra Engle, Iowa State University Foundation
Concord C room

Engage in rich conversations with a leader in the field of women's philanthropy. Discuss how women leaders and donors can transform your institution. Learn how demographics affect giving and identify the challenges on the horizon. (session sponsored by IOWAWHE)

Rising to the Top: The Personal and Professional Journeys of Four Hispanic Women Leaders in Higher Education

Lyvier L. Aschenbrenner, Indian Hills Community College
Concord D room

This qualitative study determined, through interviews, what educational and socio-cultural characteristics four Hispanic women leaders in higher education possess. This study also provided an outlet for the women leaders to share their unique experiences and journeys during their rise to administration. They were able to share their perceptions of their own career paths. The results offer advice for other Hispanic women aspiring to ascend into leadership positions. The in-depth descriptions of their personal experiences provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the types of barriers associated with access to higher educational leadership positions. The findings of this study expand the current body of knowledge, contributing significant information about Hispanic female leaders.


1:45-3:00 pm Contributed and Invited Sessions II

E-Portfolios? A Testament of Accomplishment

Marilyn Drury, University of Northern Iowa
Lori Seawel, University of Northern Iowa
Concord A room

Electronic portfolios (e-portfolios) are becoming more widely used in higher education, PreK-12, businesses and for personal purposes. Portfolios provide a means for demonstrating not only one's accomplishments but also the process for achieving those accomplishments. Today with the net generation playing an increasing role in society, it is only natural for portfolios to shift to an electronic format. E-portfolio tools can benefit institutions or businesses as well as individuals in documenting and demonstrating their accomplishments and can assist in providing direction for the future. Attend this session to learn more about the benefits and uses of e-portfolios to support assessment, reflection, standards achievement and career advancement.

Iowa 's Women Leaders in Higher Education: Panel Discussion

Betsy Hoffman, Iowa State University
Marcella David, University of Iowa
Penny Wills, Northeast Iowa Community College
Concord B room

Panel members will discuss their strategies for effective leadership on their campuses. (session sponsored by IOWAWHE)

You, Me and Diversity

Mary Sconiers Chapman, Des Moines Area Community College
Concord C room

The rapidly changing Iowa demographics are presenting both challenges and opportunities for higher education. This interactive session will focus on why diversity is a compelling interest for higher education. You will also explore leadership needed to advance educational benefits that emanate from diversity - a reality of various cultural experiences, identities, and viewpoints

Symposium in Higher Education

Linda Allen, Hawkeye Community College
Thomas Hill, Iowa State University
Concord D room

Representing the varied missions of Iowa colleges and universities, these distinguished leaders will share their perspectives on the issues that confront higher education in the twenty-first century and address how their offices and institutions are addressing these issues, including access, accountability, globalization, and technological change.


3:15-4:30 pm Contributed and Invited Sessions III

Negotiating the Maize: Using Leadership Experience to Advance Your Career!

Larry Ebbers, Iowa State University
Concord A room

This session will focus on using leadership programs to advance your career. Discussion and ideas will be presented based on the LINC program sponsored by ISU and the Iowa Association of Community College Presidents.

Gems of Interaction: Brilliant Ways to Communicate and Collaborate

Jayne Witte, University of Northern Iowa
Concord B room

When we have open and positive communication, what do we get? Less conflict, gossip, and suspicion; more teamwork, energy, and trust! Healthy workplace relationships are at the heart of organizational productivity and employee satisfaction. Based on the "emeralds" in Dr. Witte's book Workplace Gems, this session will build your confidence in practicing the art of effective interaction! You will Learn how to . . .- Reverse negative interaction patterns; - Prevent needless conflict; - Open feedback channels to build trust and cohesion; - Understand and be understood with greater accuracy.

Assessment — What It Is and Why It Matters

Donna Vinton, University of Northern Iowa
Concord C room

Accountability is frequently in the headlines these days. But what does it include and what might it mean for your work in higher education? This session will provide some basic history, vocabulary, and strategies for understanding assessment and its implications for your job and your institution.

Mentoring Women into Advanced Leadership

Linda Allen, Hawkeye Community College
Hope Gardina, Ashford University
Concord D room

Mentoring women into academic leadership takes particular sensitivity to the challenges of administrative success. This session will be helpful both for those who seek to be better mentors for women aspiring to administration and for those who want to position themselves for working with a mentor. (session sponsored by IOWAWHE)


Friday, November 2, 2007

8:45 - 10:00 am Contributed and Invited Sessions IV

Adult Learners: Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers Together on our Campus

Karen Anderson, Grand View College
Concord A room

Adult learners are becoming a larger percentage of students on college campuses nationwide. Today's adults comprise three generations who bring different skills and expectations to the classroom and campus. Who are these students and how do we best serve them?

Transformational Leadership: Supporting a Shared Vision

Rhonda Pennings, Northwest Iowa Community College
Concord B room

Throughout this presentation, transformational leadership will be defined and the characteristics of transformational leadership will be explored. We will discuss the hallmarks of effective transformational leadership as validated by transformational leadership research. The top seven tasks of transformational as advanced by Pielstick (1998) 1) creating a shared vision, 2) communicating the vision, 3) building relationships with others, 4) developing a supporting organizational culture, 5) guiding implementation, 6) exhibiting character, and 7) achieving results will be examined. By being aware of these tasks, leaders should be able to increase their job performance and create a more positive working environment that emphasizes participation and strong relationships with others. Participants will take a survey to determine their transformational leadership traits. We will explore the characteristics of transformational leadership as listed in the survey and offer practical suggestions on how we can transform our leadership skills. Participants will also be encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences in the area of transformational leadership.

Governing Boards: The Fine Line

Gary Steinke, Board of Regents, State of Iowa
Concord C room

The presentation will focus on the dynamic of serving a governing board at various levels and the challenges and the responsibility of providing information that will be used to make important decisions that have the potential of affecting tuition, university operations, public opinion, and broad public policy.

Career Mapping: Taking Charge and Directing Your Path (workshop) Part I

Gloria Thomas, Office of Women in Higher Education,
American Council on Education
Concord D room

This workshop will help women to be deliberate in planning for the kind of leadership they aspire to. (session sponsored by IOWAWHE)

10:15 - 11:30 am Contributed and Invited Sessions V

Helicopter Parents

Stephanie Newson, Wartburg College
Concord A room

Many colleges and universities are seeing the need to address the cultural shift toward more involved parenting. This session will be discussing how to interact with this new generation of overinvolved parents and how to deal with the psychological and societal effects of this increasingly pervasive form of over-the-top parenting.

Five Habits of Successful Investors

Nancy Foster, Consultant, Individual Client Services, TIAA-CREF
Concord B room

This presentation will provide a fundamental knowledge of investing. Topics include: Setting financial goals; Realizing tax advantages; Reducing risk with diversification; Allocating assets; Understanding expenses.

Breathing New Life into Harding Book Club - A Service Learning Project

Karen Regal, North Iowa Community College
Concord C room

Education majors enrolled in Children's Literature at NIACC were invited to take over the after school book club at Harding Elementary School in Mason City, IA; hear how you can provide a meaningful service learning experience (preferably with an educational spin).

Career Mapping: Taking Charge and Directing Your Path (workshop) Part II

Gloria Thomas, Office of Women in Higher Education, American Council on Education
Concord D room

This workshop will help women to be deliberate in planning for the kind of leadership they aspire to. (session sponsored by IOWAWHE)

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