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Developing Women Leaders to Enhance Iowa Higher Education

Welcome to The Way Up Conference

For over thirty years, women in the State of Iowa have hosted The Way Up Conference to assist women in higher education institutions as they continue to develop their leadership and administrative skills and expertise. The conference has always been designed to provide value for presenters and participants as well as networking opportunities for all.

The Fall 2017 Conference will celebrate thirty-one years of growth, development and friendship.

The Theme for the 2017 conference is:  Women in Higher Education: Engaging, Aspiring and ... Empowering, Inspiring, Motivating, Encouraging, Influencing, Disrupting
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Please consider joining us this year at The Way Up XXXI Conference on November 2-3rd, 2017, at The  Des Moines Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, downtown Des Moines. (Note: the conference location has changed.) 


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                     The Way Up is a Supporter of the EPIC Challenge      


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The Way Up
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For more information about The Way Up Conference, you may contact either of the Co-Chairs: