The Way Up

Developing Women Leaders to Enhance Iowa Higher Education

The Way Up Planning Council Members

Planning Council Chair

Doreen Hayek, University of Northern Iowa

Regents Institutions

Doreen Hayek, University of Northern Iowa
Lori Jarmon, Iowa State University
Karen Kedrowski, Iowa State University
Lori Seawel, University of Northern Iowa
Laura Sinn, University of Iowa
Zoe Thornton, Iowa State University

Private Institutions

Amanda Martin, Drake University
Vapordeal Sanders, Clarke University
Ann Smith, Luther College

Community College Institutions

Mary Bakeris, Eastern Iowa Community College (IECC)
Jennifer Bradley, Kirkwood Community College (KCC)
Kate Chandler-Ernst, Des Moines Community College (DMACC)
Christine Howard,  Indian Hills Community College (IHCC)
Rachael Koehler, Iowa Valley Community College (IVCC)
Lynn LaGrone, Hawkeye Community College (HCC)
Rhonda Pennings, Northeast Community College, Nebraska
Benita Petersen, Iowa Valley Community College (IVCC)

Proprietary Colleges/ For Profit / Non Profit / Online Institutions /Other


Representative, Board of Regents

Rachel Boon, Board of Regents, State of Iowa (Ex-Officio member)

Representative, Iowa Association of Independent Colleges &Universities (IAICU)

Gary Steinke, President, IAICU (Ex-Officio member)
Maribeth Wright, Iowa Higher Education Loan Authority (Ex-Officio member)

Representative, Community Colleges for Iowa

Monique Ellefson, Director of Strategic Initiatives (Ex-Officio member)
Sue Runyon - North Iowa Community College Trustee  

Representative, Iowa Department of Education

Jeanette Thomas, Department of Education, State of Iowa

Representative, Iowa Commission On the Status of Women

Kim Cheeks, Iowa Department of Human Rights



Beverly Bunker, (retired) Department of Education, State of Iowa
Patricia Geadelmann, (retired) University of Northern Iowa