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Developing Women Leaders to Enhance Iowa Higher Education

Concurrent Sessions - 2022

Thursday, November 4

10:45 – 12:00      Contributed and Invited Presentations I

Women of Color in Higher Education – Surviving Deprofessionalization, Fatigue and Invisibility

Moderator: Jeanette Thomas, Education Consultant, Iowa Department of Education
Gisella M. Aitken-Shadle, Ed.D., District Adult Education and Literacy Development Director, Northeast Iowa Community College
Angelique Kimble, Academic Advisor, Facilitator of International Students, Scott Community College
Lynn LaGrone, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Hawkeye Community College
Dr. Toyia Younger, Vice President of Student Affairs, Iowa State University
Maya Danner, Career Specialist, Coe College

This panel session is a focus on issues impacting women of color in historically white institutions in Iowa. Discussion will evolve around identity, gender, class and policy implications influencing the lived experiences of black and brown women in higher education administration. Reflections will also include feedback on new research highlighting multiple marginalities experienced by women of color on college campuses through the examination of microaggressive intersectionalities (HMI). Panelists will be asked to share recommendations for personal self-care and professional development plans.

Title IX at 50: Its Intention, Its Impact, and What’s Undone

Karen Kedrowski, Professor and Director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center, Iowa State University

This session will present a history of the landmark legislation, Title IX, which banned sex discrimination in education in the United States and analyze its impact. This legislation had enormous impact on women’s educational attainment, access to financial support, and participation in athletics. In the last ten years, this law’s reach has expanded recently to include sexual assault and harassment and discrimination against pregnant, parenting, and LBGTQ+ students.

Ethical, Mindful and Transparent Communication

Laura Smythe, University Ombuds, Iowa State University

It seems to happen more frequently these days that well-intended conversations often deteriorate into emotional and destructive exchanges. Within a global and national context of disruption, isolation and increasing examples of intolerance – many of us feel more exhausted and friable than we ever have.  During this workshop we will explore your personal problem-solving approach; we will define ethical communication and we will discuss how to handle difficult conversations with compassion and transparency.

Where did all the students go? The impending enrollment cliff and strategies to reach potential students.

Terri Snyders Crumley, D.M.A., Director of Admissions, University of Northern Iowa
Tara Winter, Executive Director of Admissions,   Wartburg College
Nina Grant, Vice President of Student Services and Institutional Diversity, Hawkeye Community College

Learn about how the decrease in birth rates and college going patterns in the Midwest are changing college enrollment in Iowa. Panelists will discuss the changes and strategies they are implementing to address the shift.  Click here for Presentation.



1:45 – 3:00        Contributed and Invited Presentations II

 Don’t Shelve Me: A Strategic Plan Must Be Executed To Advance Your Vision

T. Waldmann-Williams, PhD, Adjunct,  Rotary Leadership Institute

Strategic Planning means advancing your vision.   Clarity of vision, mission, and values are a beginning.  You’ll never get close to the results you want if you become part of the 67 to 90% statistic, not executing your vision and plan.  Learn some technologies that will assist you and have fun doing them. Albeit, “fun” might be redefined!  Click here for Presentation.

Are you really ready to retire? A facilitated discussion.

Dr. Linda DeBarthe, Instructor of Accounting, University of Northern Iowa

Maybe you have spent less time planning for the quarter of your life that you'll spend in retirement than you did planning this summer's vacation. Or maybe (like me) you spent much of the pandemic running numbers to see how soon you could retire. This session will attempt to meet everyone's needs by discussing retirement topics (financial, geographical, mental, etc.) of interest to you. Bring both your questions and insights!

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for Leaders

Qulishia Williams, CUNA Mutual Group

Discover ways to effectively lead diversity efforts within your organization. In this session, leaders will learn how to create an inclusive workplace, learn how to leverage diverse talents of all contributors and practical steps to building a positive workplace culture.

Reaching the disengaged student: How Universal Design can work for you

Jamie Niman,  Interim Director, Student Accessibility Services (SAS), Iowa State University
Lori Mickle, MA; Instructional Tech Specialist II, Iowa State University

The challenges of the past two years gave us unique opportunities to be more flexible in our work. We will discuss the benefits of Universal Design, identify strategies for those pinch points we continue to experience, and leave with an action plan to engage your students.



3:15 – 4:30        Contributed and Invited Presentations III

Moving Up in Higher Education: How to look for the learning while on the path to leadership

Dr. Jennifer Bradley, Vice President of Academic Affairs (moderator & panelist), Kirkwood Community College
Toyia K. Younger, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Iowa State University
Christina Geweke, Director of Business Operations, University of Northern Iowa
Susan Leathem Sanning (she/her/hers), Associate Dean and Director of Service & Social Innovation, Grinnell College

The path to leadership is full of opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow. Sometimes we develop as a result of intentional choices and strategies. Sometimes we learn from our epic mistakes and the times we’ve crashed and burned. There is equal opportunity to learn from successes and challenges. In this panel discussion four higher education leaders share lessons learned on their leadership journeys and offer advice to those looking to develop their leadership skills.

Creating Calm & De-escalating Conflict: Tips for the College Classroom

Dr. Jennifer Diers, Director of the Education Program, Central College
Julianne Taylor, Lecturer of Education, Central College
Tammy Strawser, Lecturer of Education, Central College

According to researchers, incivilities, or lack of social manners, in higher education settings are more common and often challenging for faculty to navigate. In this session, participants will actively engage in developing personalized solutions to address students who express entitlement, are disrespectful, inconsiderate, demanding, unorganized, or ill motivated. Presenters will use authentic case studies from their own teaching as well as examples from audience participants. Practical, effective strategies will be provided allowing participants to leave with tools in hand for creating a calm, learner centered classroom.

Becoming Change Agents: Dismantling Systemic Racism

Dr. Belinda Creighton-Smith, Instructor of Social Work, University of Northern Iowa

During a time of great censorship, obscurity, and limitation all-inclusive narratives, it is challenging to know our role and responsibility as citizens to uphold the tenets of our nation, that all humanity is created equal with immutable rights to unfettered access to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” And yet, racism is embedded within the very institutions upon which we depend and navigate daily for our very existence and success. Participants will be asked to analyze the systemic functions of race and racism within our society to shift from actions based in emotions to those that are beneficial for change.  Click here for Presentation.   Click here for Definitions.

Working with Student Populations and Retention Strategies: A deeper dive into collaboration and how to get buy-in new student success initiatives.

Tracy Crippin-Haake, Director of Student Success/Registrar/Title IX Coordinator,  Ellsworth Community College as part of the Iowa Valley Community College District.

As we continue to see declining graduation rates and declining enrollment rates in higher education across the country, it is even more vital to retain the students we recruit. Where do we begin, how do we get buy-in from across campus, what best practices truly are best practices for our institutions and how do we know what works? This session will share the reality of what we must do to grow and make a difference in the lives of our students. Participants will be asked to share their own experiences at their institutions.  Click here for Presentation.

Friday, November 4

8:45 – 10:00       Contributed and Invited Presentations IV

The Role of a College President in Today's Climate

Moderator:  Mary Braun, State Relations Officer, Iowa Board of Regents
Dr. Mark Nook, President, University of Northern Iowa
Dr. Todd Holcomb, President, Hawkeye Community College
Dr. Rachelle Keck, President, Grand View University

A public university president, a private university president, and a community college president provide comments and answer questions about the role of a college president in today’s climate and how it applies to emerging issues and trends in higher education. Topics range from local to national issues.

Advancing Opportunities for Greater Post-Secondary Attainment through Concurrent Enrollment Programs

Kristy Black, Executive Dean – K-12 Partnership Programs, Kirkwood Community College
Sheryl Bass, College/Career Transition Counselor, Kirkwood Community College & Linn Mar High School
Tom Paulsen, Senior Associate Director, Office of Admissions, University of Iowa

Data collected in a recent research study through the Iowa Department of Education illustrates a positive correlation between post- secondary success and attainment for students finishing high school with the completion of college credits compared to those who don’t.  Hear how Iowa Community Colleges and other colleges in Iowa are working collaboratively to help high school students experience college early and in a way where they are carefully balancing career and college exploration along with understanding the rigor and expectation of post-secondary coursework through Iowa’s Senior Year Plus legislation.  The role of the school counselor will be discussed, along with the launch of the College and Career Transition Counselor positions across the state, as well as how concurrent enrollment is leveling the playing field for all students, including first generation college students and those who have previously experienced barriers to post-secondary degrees.  Click here for Presentation.

Mindfulness and Mental Health

Kelsey Hahn, Gray Lane Yoga, Waterloo

If you daydream during meetings or drive to work on autopilot, this presentation is for you. We live in a busy, stimulating, overwhelming world that can make it difficult to be fully present at times. Learn how practicing mindfulness can improve your ability to be present and mentally well. We'll talk about what mindfulness is and isn't, what the research says about it, and practice mindfulness exercises in session so you have new skills to take home with you.

No crystal ball needed: A logical, collaborative, and meaningful way to embrace the future of learning

Dr. Colleen Mulholland, Dean, College of Education, University of Northern Iowa
Tara Estep, Executive Director of Enrichment & Special Programs, Cedar Falls Community School District

Although we cannot predict the future, we do have all the tools we need to embrace the future of learning. In this interactive session, participants will be invited to think beyond traditional experiences in order to provide learners with authentic experiences to grow durable skills. Participants will be tasked to think critically about current educational practices and will be inspired to use logical, collaborative, and authentic strategies  toward the goal of serving the next generation of learners. The presenters will share a framework that not only will meet the needs of the next generation of learners where they are, but also help to catapult their potential to equip them for successful careers and lives.  Click here for Presentation.



10:15 – 11:30      Contributed and Invited Presentations V

The Importance of Leadership and Salary Negotiations in Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Dr. Russell P. Guay, Associate Professor of Management and David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics, University of Northern Iowa

This interactive workshop will discuss several important concepts at the heart of leadership, such as vision, values, characteristics of effective leaders, self-reflection, and self-awareness. We will also dive into the very important skill of salary negotiations, including gender differences, how to determine your worth, and how to fight for what you deserve.  Click here for Presentation.

High Tech and High Engagement in the College Classroom

Dr. Melissa McAninch, Associate Professor and Chair of Education Department, Central College
Dr. Tamara Masters, Assistant Professor, Education Department, Central College

Since 2020, conventional teaching and learning practices have been disrupted, as teachers in K-12 and higher education classrooms pivoted to online and hybrid instruction. This session will highlight a few technological tools that were used for remote and hybrid instruction and are still being used to enhance learning as we transition back to a more conventional classroom setting. Participants will learn four technology tools–Nearpod, Rocketbooks, Google Jamboard, and Miro. They will be able to see examples of the tools being used in college classrooms and then will have the opportunity to brainstorm other uses for each tech tool.

The Introverted Voice: How to be heard in a world that can't stop talking

Dr.  Jennifer Cunningham, Dean, Arts and Humanities, Kirkwood Community College

This session (title apologies to Susan Cain, author of "Quite: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking) will explore the world of introverts in our modern day higher education environment.  Strategies will be presented on how Introverts can make their voices hears, as well as how colleagues and managers can best support introverted employees on their team. Participants will walk away with skills to empower themselves or introverts in their lives. You do not need to have read Cain's work to attend this session.

Service Learning and Community Advocacy: Promoting Social Justice From Where You Are

Dr. Julianne Gassman, Director of Community Engagement and Professor, Department of Health, Recreation, and Community Services, University of Northern Iowa
Dr. Disa Cornish, Associate Professor, Department of Health, Recreation, and Community Services, University of Northern Iowa
Matthew Gilbert, Esq, CEO at MRG & Associates LLP; Director, 415 Walnut Collective

This session will describe a project that sits at the intersection of academic service learning, community engagement, advocacy, and social change. The 415 Walnut Collective began as a coalition of community stakeholders interested in contributing time and energy into the revitalization and reimagining of the Walnut Street Baptist Church in Waterloo, Iowa. Members of the University of Northern Iowa faculty partnered with local residents and Habitat for Humanity to conceptualize the meaning of place and wellbeing. In a time when many academic institutions are grappling with what it means to be engaged in the community, the 415 Walnut Collective is an example of the kind of cutting edge work that can drive systemic change.  Click here for Presentation.




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