The Way Up

Developing Women Leaders to Enhance Iowa Higher Education

Concurrent Sessions - 2015

Thursday, November 5

10:45 – 12:00      Contributed and Invited Presentations I

Mentoring, Coaching and Reverse Coaching: Leading Among the Generations

     Mark L. Putnam, President of Central College
     Sunny Eighmy, Director of College Relations and Board of Trustees Professional, Central College 

It takes many types of leaders to accomplish great things – those who lead by example, by
influence and through servant leadership. Do you have to be born a leader? How can you
develop those around you? What if something goes wrong? This session, which ends with Q&A,
will look at leadership in a broad context and also provide tips for application in your daily lives.

Being Title IX Compliance: Understanding the Requirements

     Jeanette Thomas, CONNECT Iowa, Department of Education

This session is focused on the role of Title IX Coordinators, aspects of Title IX and  compliance,
oversight of investigations, and more. Every college and university is required by the U.S.
Department of Education to have a campus Title IX Coordinator, and to designate that individual
to the department and the campus community as a contact point for all Title IX communications
and grievances. This administrator is responsible for coordination of institutional compliance
efforts on gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, sexual assault, athletics equity
and related civil rights investigations.  Consultants with the Iowa Department of Education serve
as facilitators to convey what every Title IX Coordinator needs to know to do that job and do it

Run Until Apprehended!

     Ann M. Valentine, Ph.D., Executive Dean, Kirkwood Community College

Who is stopping you?? Maintaining focus in mid-career is accomplished by unleashing energy,
celebrating life, and creatively investing in ourselves and others.  Fuse your career with your
passions right now and re-ignite the fire that brought you to higher education by keeping your
soul nourished.  This session calls upon 25+ years’ experience in higher education and a highly
interactive style.

Higher Education Fundraising and Grants:  Helping Students Pay for their Education

     Peggy Sturdevant, Director of Annual Fund/Stewardship, Graceland University

Successful schools attract income from many sources.  Alumni, corporations and foundations
are a few important sources of income to help current students pay for their education, since
tuition doesn’t pay the full bill.  Fundraising is a way for alumni to express their appreciation
for their education and help provide needs for the next generation of students.  Corporate and
foundation sponsors view their philanthropy as a way to give back to society and support the
development of an educated work force.  This session will reveal more sources of income,
fundraising structure and strategies used, and how everybody wins.


1:45 – 3:00        Contributed and Invited Presentations II

Welcome to Retirement! A Simulation for Building Awareness

     Suzanne Bartholomae, State Extension Specialist & Adjunct Associate Professor, Iowa State

Women face special challenges when it comes to retirement security. Gender pay disparity and
intermittent work histories due to family caregiving responsibilities contribute lower lifetime
earnings and lower retirement savings. Women retire with about two-thirds of the money than
their male counterparts, but women live as much as 10 years longer than men. Planning and
decisions concerning retirement can impact lifelong financial security. This session is designed
to provide participants a hands-on opportunity to experience retirement at age 68, 75, and 85.
The session raises awareness of retirement costs. Special considerations for women are built into
the topic.

Leadership: Learning From Others

     Dr. Annette Lynch, University of Northern Iowa
     Deb Tierney, Simpson College
     Pamela Elliott Cain, Iowa State University  (link to leadership presentation)
     Dr. Kim Becicka, Kirkwood Community College

Ever wonder what it takes to become a successful leader in higher education?  You have the
opportunity to learn from four successful female administrators from higher education.  This
experienced panel will share many valuable experiences they have had in their vibrant roles as
higher education leaders.  Participants will be encouraged to ask questions to help broaden their
understanding of successful leadership.

11+ Apps for Organizing Your Life

     Dr. Leigh Zeitz, Professor in Curriculum and Design, University of Northern Iowa

Looking for ways to manage your life professionally and personally? Join us as we explore apps
that can help you get a "hold of things."  Dr. Z will share apps for scheduling, shopping,
investing, connecting, sharing, exercising . . . we will review Evernote, Google Calendar, and
many more. You will be able to share the apps that work for you as well. Apps for multiple
platforms will be shared. BRING YOUR SMARTPHONES & TABLETS.  LEARN BY

Women Speak: Lessons from Women at the Top about Effective Leadership

     President Linda Allen; Hawkeye Community College
     VPAA Jane Bradley, Hawkeye Community College
     President Marlene Sprouse, President, Indian Hills Community College

Despite women making advances in leadership of academe, women continue to strive for equal
representation at all levels. The panelists will lead participants through reflections from the nine
women’s stories told in Women at the Top: What Women University and College Presidents Say
about Effective Leadership. These presidents stories, and our discussion leaders’ experiences,
offer a wealth of advice, insight, and thoughtful reflection on what it takes to ascend to effective
leadership roles, whatever the might be as well as what is required of leaders at the highest levels
of academe. Whether aspiring to be directors, coordinators, deans, vice-presidents, provosts, or
presidents, the rich stories yield vital insights into the skills, abilities, attitudes, and passions that
make for great leaders


3:15 – 4:30        Contributed and Invited Presentations III

The Latest from the Higher Learning Commission

     Jeff Rosen, Vice President, Higher Learning Commission

Numerous changes have altered the landscape of higher education, making institutions more
accountable and responsive to innovations.  Some of these initiatives have come from legislators
(e.g., performance-based funding, dual credit or concurrent enrollment); from foundations (e.g.,
the “Completion Agenda”); from private enterprise (e.g., prior learning assessments); from
educational reformers (e.g., competency-based education); and from accreditors (e.g., the new
Pathways system in the Higher Learning Commission).  This session will examine these large
trends and discuss how Iowa colleges and universities can best manage the accreditation
relationship given the renewed focus on innovation.

Excellence in Technology: Transforming Teaching, Training, and Team Building

     Laura Newhouse, Online Academic and Program Development Director, Buena Vista University
     Jill Rhea, Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies, Ph.D. Buena Vista University

Do you love technology? Do you fear technology? Are you frustrated or excited about
implementing technology into your work environment? Leaders today must embrace technology
in various ways.  In this interactive session, we will address best practices, share real-world
examples, and provide technology ideas and solutions for teaching, training, and team building.
Focus will be given to telepresence, web conferencing, and collaboration tools.

You Don't Have to Drive a Prius to Teach a Hybrid Class

     Jacki Brucher Moore, Professor, Kirkwood Community College
     Natalia Cherjovsky, Professor, Kirkwood Community College

More and more institutions are attempting to meet the diverse educational needs of students by
offering courses in a variety of formats including hybrid/blended courses that are partially taught
face-to-face and partially taught online. This presentation will provide a framework for
understanding how blended teaching and learning looks and feels different compared with
traditional face-to-face formats. Participants will gain some valuable strategies and techniques
for successfully shifting to a blended instructional format.

Barriers and Opportunities: Female Pathways to Leadership

     Annique Kiel,  Drake University
     Cris Wildermuth, Drake University

Female leaders may face unique leadership barriers and opportunities. This highly interactive
session invites women to have an open and honest dialogue about their leadership journey.
Participants will build a three-dimensional Lego® model that serves as a metaphor for the female
perspective, share the models with one another, and search for common meanings and themes.
During the ensuing discussion, we may consider additional questions such as: 1) How does
gender impact our leadership experiences and opportunities? 2) What core competencies do
women need to advance in leadership roles? 3) What initiatives or programs might best support
female leadership experiences?

Friday, November 6

8:45 – 10:00       Contributed and Invited Presentations IV

What’s Next?  Planning and Preparing for Your Next Job or Career Move

     Lynne Sebille-White, Senior Director, Career Advancement, University of Iowa

Don’t leave your future to chance!  Join this interactive session to learn strategies to intentionally
gain the skills and garner professional relationships to help you move forward with your career.
Create, enhance, and market your unique, personal brand.

Breaking the Mold:  Stories of Trials and Errors on the Way to Administration

     Brenda Bass, Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Northern Iowa
     Nancy Cobb, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, University of Northern Iowa
     Vickie Robinson, Interim Dean of the College of Education,  University of Northern Iowa
     Julie Husband, Head, Department of Languages & Literatures, University of Northern Iowa

Four administrators from the University of Northern Iowa (department head, dean, and associate
Provost), share anecdotes and advice to those who want to break the mold and change attitudes
towards women in positions of academic leadership.  Though the road is not easy, it is possible
for more women to succeed in positions of leadership.  And, more importantly, it is important
that women step up and be willing to be leaders.  Each administrator will make a 10-minute
presentation and then the floor will be opened up to questions, comments from those attending.

How to do it all and still have time for coffee: Time Management Strategies

     Dr. Brooke Strahn-Koller, Dean of Social Sciences, Kirkwood Community College

In today’s changing society we find ourselves expected to do more with less time and less
resources both at work and at home.   The fact is that there are still only 24 hours in a day so we
need to find ways to be more efficient.  This session will help you learn ways to prioritize, get
organized, and avoid distractions.  Participants are encouraged to bring resources and ideas to
share with others. 

Making It Stick!  Classroom Take-Aways to Maximize Learning from the Classroom

     Celina Peerman, Ph.D., Adjunct Graduate Instructor, Mount Mercy University

Helping students connect theory to real life is critical in adult learning strategies.  This
interactive session will examine a range of techniques to get students at all levels to apply
material in and outside of the classroom.  Finding new ways to engage students helps reinforce
the learning even more.  Come recharge your batteries, share some ideas and pick up new ones to
take back out to your classroom.


10:15 – 11:30      Contributed and Invited Presentations V

"Through the eyes of the student"- Multicultural Engagement: a closer look at educational
policy and course delivery.

     Ilima M. Young-Dunn, Professor, Human Services, Urban Campus, DMACC
     Jeanice A. McCarville, Professor, Human Services, Ankeny Campus, DMACC

This interactive presentation will allow participants to experience the impact of classroom
guidelines and educational policy on multicultural students.  This presentation is intended to
encourage dialogue and better consideration on how educational leaders can better engage
diverse students in the classroom.

Retirement: Living Your Dream or Just Dreaming?

     DJ Corson, CLO of Visions Unlimited

Do you find yourself thinking about retirement within the next 5 years?There are many right
answers for how to enjoy a retirement that is both rewarding and fulfilling. Participants of this
session will do some thinking about 4 considerations that will help them envision and develop
their picture-perfect retirement.

She Matters: 2015 Issues and Action

     Diane Ramsey; Iowa Women Lead Change
     Dawn Oliver Wiand; Iowa Women's Foundation
     Linda Bisgaard; Friends Board Iowa Commission on the Status of Women
     Becky Greenwald; NEXUS
     San Wong; Iowa Department of Human Rights
     Ann Gale; AAUW

Two years ago, the Iowa Women's Leadership Project (IWLP) provided an overview of our state
in presenting SHE MATTERS: 2012 Status of Iowa Women and Girls report.  In 2011, over
fifteen different organizations around the state of Iowa embarked on SHE MATTERS to update
and inform all Iowans about the current status of women and girls in Iowa, their challenges and
their achievements. IWLP has now launched Phase III of the SHE MATTERS project, and will
present their latest work - SHE MATTERS; 2015 ISSUES AND ACTIONS.   This report focuses
on 6 areas - Economic self-sufficiency; Leadership; Pay equity; STEM Careers; Safety from
violence; and Women-owned businesses. Did you know:
  -  70% of Iowa female headed households are struggling.
  -  The wage gap has fallen from 79 to 77 cents in the last two years.
  -  Women account for only 22.7% of our state legislators and hold only 16% of corporate board 
Join this panel of 6 women as they discuss this important report and the challenges facing women
in Iowa in those six areas.

Become an Architect of Faculty Success

     Marla Cartwright, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Kaplan University
     Erica Spiller, Associate  Academic Dean, Des Moines Campus, Kaplan University

As the demand for online learning increases, higher education administrators are often on the
front lines, leading their faculty through the transition from exclusively teaching on-ground to
either the hybrid or online instruction delivery formats. During this transformative experience,
administrators can guide faculty by implementing a number of techniques including establishing
consistent communication, ensuring faculty are involved in the process as well as evaluating and
leveraging the best technological tools for the job. Crafting a plan which includes many, if not
all, of these facets will help ensure that faculty training administrators ultimately inspire
excellence among all faculty members within an institution.



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