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Developing Women Leaders to Enhance Iowa Higher Education

Concurrent Sessions - 2010

Thursday, November 4

10:30 – 11:45 Contributed and Invited Presentations I

The Challenges of Change: Helping Others through Change

Pat Kenner, University of Iowa

This session will cover the missing piece of change management - using transitions theory to help people work through change; recognizing when your people are in transitions stages and how to respond effectively; and integrating resiliency practices into your area to support daily and lasting change.


Teaching Creative Problem Solving to Address Diversity Issues

Ana Donaldson, Walden University

Creative problem solving is a skill that can be taught. It requires extensive work by the learners, but the lessons, while not conveying traditional content, will change the learner in ways they do not foresee. And in ways not generally found at the University, but ways which are cherished.  While we look for our students to be creative, we as leaders and adminitrators don't work at developing those same skills.  This session will show how a qualitative research study explored how to develop these creative problem solving skills.


What Works in Student Retention: Overview

Wes Habley, ACT, Inc.

Results from ACT's fourth national survey "What Works in Student Retention" will be reported in this session.  The survey includes responses from more than 1,100 colleges (public and private, two-year and four-year).  The session will feature national retention and degree completion rates, a review of definitions and concepts in student retention.  Survey results highlighted in this session are causes of attrition, prevalence and ratings of 94 retention practices, and the identification of the top  retention practices cited by respondents from each institutional type.  Time will be provided for discussion.


Keeping Motivated in Mid-Career: How to Maintain Your Energy and Focus

Monica Forret, Ph.D., St. Ambrose University

Career patterns are changing, like the colors in a kaleidoscope, as individuals search for the best fit with their lives. Emphasis on pursuing challenge, balance, or authenticity shifts throughout time, especially during mid-career when individuals often encounter unanticipated issues. This session will help participants identify their career stage, examine what they find energizing, strategize how to craft their jobs, and enlist the help of others through mentoring and networking.


1:45 – 3:00 Contributed and Invited Presentations II

Leadership: Learning from Others

Sister Joan Lescinki, St. Ambrose University
Kacy Webster, Kaplan University
Dr. Deb Derr, North Iowa Area Community College

Ever wonder what it takes to become a successful leader in higher education? You have the opportunity to learn from three successful women leaders in higher education. This experienced panel will share many valuable experiences they have had in their vibrant roles as higher education leaders. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions to help broaden their understanding of successful leadership.


Fighting the Academic Glass Ceiling:  Gender Inequities in Higher Education

Ana Donaldson, Walden University

As our country celebrates a climate of diversity and inclusion, there is still a segment of the professional world that faces re-occurring situations of inequity.  This highly interactive session will share the reality of why women are a step behind many men in the challenges of tenure and promotion or advancing into higher administrative positions.  Participants will be asked to share their own experiences and suggestions.  The group will participate in several activities geared toward determining strategies and sharing resources to help us make a future difference.


Assisting Troubled Students

JoEllen Kubik, Allen College of Nursing and University of Northern Iowa
Shelley Matthews, University of Northern Iowa

This presentation will provide an understanding of how to work with troubled or disruptive students in the academic environment. The presenters will review ways to assist students, set guidelines and discuss when to make a referral to obtain additional help.


Getting Things Done in the Midst of Chaos

Susan R. Johnson, University of Iowa

This presentation will address the problem of getting things done, with principles and methods that can be applied both at work and at home. An approach to the decision about what you should be doing, and what you should stop or defer will be presented. The following specific techniques for managing activities will be presented: the creation of effective lists, the value of doing things "now," a method for keeping up with email, and a method for staying current with your work.


3:15 – 4:30 Contributed and Invited Presentations III

Life of an Administrator

Sister Joan Lescinki, St. Ambrose University

This will be an interactive session as Sister Lescinki leads participants through an exploration of a day in the life of a higher education administrator.


Thinking about General Education

Siobahn Morgan, University of Northern Iowa

Practically every college and university in the United States has some version of a "General Education" (Gen-Ed) program, with many of them structured in similar manners.  There have been recent calls to action for university administrators and faculty to bring their "Gen-Eds into the 21st Century" by various education reformers.  This discussion will cover various topics, including the background and structure of general education programs across the country, the goals of reformers, and the current issues faced at 4-year institutions by the changing background of the incoming Iowa college freshmen population.


A Case Study on What Adult Learners Want and What Adult Learners Need

Mark Ash, Kirkwood Community College

In this session, participants will review market research Kirkwood Community College recently undertook to better understand the wants and needs of current and future adult learners. We will review the lessons learned and how it impacted our marketing, recruitment and retention efforts. Please join us as we share our "Aha! Moments" when we discovered what adult learners really want....and need.


Changing Course: Redefining Leadership

Maureen McCormick, University of Iowa,

Utilizing concepts from Marcus Buckingham's book, "Go Put Your Strengths to Work," participants will learn about identifying their strengths, and how to take steps every week to move toward activities that strengthen them and away from those that don't.


Friday, November 5

8:45 – 10:00 Contributed and Invited Presentations IV

The Odyssey of Mentorship

Marilyn Rhinehart, Johnson County Community College

This session will focus on the principles and practices of a formal mentorship relationship but also on the less formal opportunities for mentorship from which we can benefit that can be as or more valuable than a formal mentoring arrangement.


Doing Less with Less

Virginia Arthur, University of Northern Iowa

In a period of economic uncertainty and reduced funding, it is common to hear administrators and managers talk about "doing more with less."  But there are limits to what employees can do before risking stress overload and burnout; neither of which add to productivity.  The presenter will focus on strategies for working "smarter not harder."  She intends to present the results of a survey of administrators about how they are coping with and resisting the pressures to do more with fewer resources.


Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success: What is the University of Iowa doing?

John Mikelson, University of Iowa Veterans Advisor

This presenter will discuss programs to aid returning student veterans at the University of Iowa with an emphasis on Woman Veterans and Veterans with Disabilities.


The Gift You Give Yourself

Debra (DJ) Corson, Hawkeye Community College;

Are you practicing what you know about taking care of yourself? Do you have any friends outside of work? When is the last time you read a "fun" book? Do your immediate family members ask, Who is this? when you phone? Learn 6 tips to help you focus on your priorities, create some balance in your life, and live with intention.


10:15 – 11:30 Contributed and Invited Presentations V

Panel on Trends and Issues in Higher Education

Thomas Coley, Scott Community College
Diana Gonzalez, Board of Regents, State of Iowa
Beth Richter, Noel-Levitz

This panel discussion will provide the opportunity to learn from experts representing three sectors of higher education. The panelists will share their expertise on the collaborative effort between the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, Iowa community colleges, and the Iowa Department of Education using technology to create a one-stop resource dedicated to helping Iowans make a seamless transfer from an Iowa community college to a public university in Iowa. Information will be presented on Iowa community colleges efforts towards an accreditation process for joint or concurrent enrollment courses.


10 Ways to Help Stop Students from Plagiarizing

Steve Holland, Muscatine Community College,

When students are caught plagiarizing they definitely must face the consequences. However, they often plagiarize because they are confused about the assignments, start too late, or have no other place to turn for help. In addition, it appears that students are coming to us more and more as rote-thinkers. Cutting and pasting, then, seems quite acceptable to them. What can we do about it? Here are 10 ways to address it.


Strategies for Helping Young Women Keep Their Power

Chris Peterson Brus, The University of Iowa

In this session we will look at psychosocial incentives that reward girls and young women for giving away their power to others.  In essence, they learn to value and monitor their worth and abilities based on the assessment of other's, instead of developing a strong internal understanding of their own strengths, weaknesses, hopes, and aspirations.  Secondarily, we will identify strategies for helping to decrease or neutralize the negative impact of these psychosocial incentives and apply these strategies to scenarios offered by the presenter or by session participants.


A Trustee's Prospective

Wayne Newton, Kirkwood Community College, Trustee

This session will provide insights from the governance point of view, mixed with many experiences helping community college boards carryout their responsibilities. We will leave lots of time to answer your questions.

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