The Way Up

Developing Women Leaders to Enhance Iowa Higher Education

Concurrent Sessions - 2006

The Conference has Four Focus Tracks:

B: Basic Skills
H: Hot Topics
L: Leadership Issues for Women
I: Interface - State, Local, National, & Global Issues

Thursday, November 2, 2006

10:45-12:15 Contributed and Invited Sessions I

B From Strategic Planning to Strategic Design

Debra (DJ) Corson, Hawkeye Community College

What have we learned from the past about strategic planning? How do we use that knowledge to create our preferred future? During this session, participants will gain an appreciation for how our context has changed and, therefore, how our methods for visioning and planning must change also.

Waterloo Room


H How To Win At Retirement

Todd Manternach, Premier Advisors LLC

Attend this session to discover: How choosing the right financial advisor makes a difference. How to prevent tax surprises when moving money. How tax deferred can work to your advantage. How the proper exit strategy with your retirement accounts can save taxes. How your risk and expectations affect your investments. How proper planning pays off.

Cedar Rapids Room


L Leadership Opportunities for Women

Larry Ebbers, Iowa State University

This session will discuss leadership opportunities for women in community colleges in Iowa. Research indicates that 90% of tomorrow's community college senior leaders will come from current mid-level community college insiders. CLIC and LINC are two programs designed to give those administrators the skills necessary to lead community colleges in the 21st century.

Rosewood Room


I Sexual Harassment - It's Not Enough To Know Better

Stephanie Newsom, Peter Armstrong & Jane Juchems, Wartburg College

This session will outline and discuss issues and responses related to sexual harassment in an educational setting and what you do need to know about it.

Iowa City Room


2:00-3:30 pm Contributed and Invited Sessions II

B Does Your Bumper Sticker Read Change Happens!

Nancy Noyer, University of Iowa

Whether we have initiated a change or it is imposed, there are natural responses going on inside us. Knowing what responses may be occurring within yourself and others will guide you to make the most of change. Let's learn together to be effective during change and to Stay Off the GRASS (Guilt, Resentment, Anxiety, Self-absorption, and Stress).

Rosewood Room


H Meet the Millennials: IM me L8R!

Robin Sandberg & Melissa Barber, University of Northern Iowa

We know them; we love them; we just can't understand them. From compound sentences to IM lingo, which generation of English are you speaking? This session will hit the highs and lows of interacting with today's students, along with ways to clarify expectations and intergenerational tips. Plan to leave this session ROTFLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud.)

Cedar Rapids Room


L Governing Boards: The Fine Line

Gary Steinke, Board of Regents, State of Iowa

This session will focus on the dynamics of serving a governance board at various levels and the challenges and the responsibility of providing information that will be used to make important decisions that have the potential of affecting tuition, university operations, public opinion, and broad public policy.

Iowa City Room


I University and Community: Capitalizing on Our Interdependence

Patricia Enos, Michigan State University

Post-secondary institutions have always recognized the symbiosis between town and gown as our students traverse between their living and learning worlds. This interactive session will explore ways we can partner with the local community (and they with us) to create a more vibrant, connected, congenial and effective overall community.

Waterloo Room


3:45-5:15 pm Contributed and Invited Sessions III

B Working Amidst Chaos: Basics of Time Management and Organization

Susan R. Johnson, University of Iowa

In this session, the nuts and bolts of practical approaches to scheduling, cleaning up your work space, making lists that actually work, and getting things done will be presented.

Rosewood Room

H You, Me and Diversity

Janette Thomas, Eastern Iowa Community College

The rapidly changing Iowa demographics are presenting both challenges and opportunities for higher education. This interactive session will focus on why diversity is a compelling interest for higher education. You will also explore leadership needed to advance educational benefits that emanate from diversity - a reality of various cultural experiences, identities, and viewpoints.

Cedar Rapids Room


L Tips To Improving Your Media Presence

Karris Golden, Wartburg College

This session will offer help with developing and executing a media relations plan for your organization. Information includes a brief overview of writing and distributing effective news releases, media interviews, and helpful resources.

Iowa City Room


I Accreditation Trends

Linda Allen, Hawkeye Community College

This session will explore current accreditation trends for higher education and their impact on strategic goals and planning.

Waterloo Room

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